In Comedy, creativity by Beth Lapides

I have been thinking and feeling on the passing of Steven Brody Stephens. 
If you didn’t know him, he was a beloved part of the Los Angeles comedy community.
He wasn’t a friend of mine.
Except in the loosest way. 
Some online contact. A vibe.
But I always loved him from afar. 
And connected with his mission to make
His struggle, the struggle for positivity the subject of his comedy. 

So many people posted the generic
‘if you are struggling you should reach out’.
Which is true, please do.
But I went to SBS’s Facebook page
And the last video he posted
Was a long one of a dead tree being fed into a tree shredder.
Or whatever you call that machine.
I didn’t follow him closely enough to know
If it would have rung an alert had I seen it.
But it gave me chills in retrospect.
We all ask for help and cry out in various ways. 
Not always saying, I need help in so many words. 

So yes, we have to be better about asking for help.
Comedians especially are the type to feel like
I can do it myself.
Look, that is the basic job.
Standing there and doing it yourself.

And so, importantly, because the language of the soul
Is not always linear and logical.
We all have to become better listeners. 
We need to soften to the real messages. 
In ourselves and in others.

And it needs to feel safe to ask for help. 
Because what will asking for help mean?
Will it mean the loss of work? Of face?
Maybe asking for help is a video of a shadow.
Pay attention. Be present. Be a friend.
That was @bridyismefriend’s big message.

With a #postivepush and love and in memory of a fellow traveler… 

Xo b