In Comedy, creativity by Beth Lapides

In my “You But Funnier” writing and performance workshop we cover how to be the funniest you.

I love all those words.

So promising. A method.
Order. Steps to take. Solutions. Choices. Boundaries. Guidlines.
Love it.
I have them all for you. 

Well actually ‘to be’.
Not exactly all one one word. But one word unit.
To be. B.
I strongly identify. Beth.
And yet I exist in such a doing state all the time.
Which is ok, not driving myself crazy about it.
After all, when you drive yourself crazy, you’re taking jobs away from other people.
And action is where belief becomes real.
Suit up and show up and all that.
But, especially now, balance is required.
Meditation to counter the buzz.
Comedy is oddly a kind of meditation.
A loud kind.
You need to be soooo in the moment.
And why this work can be great even if you donlt have performing comedy as a goal.
It’s one of the most intense soul adventures, spiritual practices I’ve experienced.
The part of comedy that is pure awareness.
And we will cover that too.

Not a. THE. There’s a ‘the’ in you. 
We work on shining the light on that.
What are your essential traits, stories.
Let’s look there for your funny.
How in particular are you a fool.
Comedy is all foolishness.
But what sort of fool are you?

It’s a goal.
Progress not perfection.
Excellence is what we aim for.
Acceptance is how we live when we fall a little short.
Anyway, fucking up is funny later.
As they say: pain plus the equals comedy.
How much time?
Depends on the size of the pain.

U. UnCab.
The smile U.
I see a story in you.
The roller coaster of you.
The dip down, the bottoming out and then the rise.