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You But Funnier: A One Day Intensive Workshop

This is a workshop about being you.
So you.
And even more you.
But funnier.
Which means thinking differently.
Because thinking differently is the catalyst to every change you want to make in your life.

Plus, you get funnier.

My workshops are set up for me to help you
Fine tune your unique comedic point of view.
By understanding your voice.
And knowing your story.
And then I help you figure out what to do with it.

This one day intensive is a rare chance to accelerate, to level up your funny.

I work with all sorts of writers.
Stand ups, journalists, memoirists, screenwriters, one person show people, songwriters, speakers etc.
Also with directors, actors and producers.
And people who are lawyers, therapists, yoga teachers, even real estate agents.
Because everyone is a storyteller.

And most of us also need to learn to be speakers of some sort.

Whether it’s actually stand up, or pitching, or auditions or motivational and inspirational speaking.

If you feel drawn to this, for whatever reason, do it.
I’ve had so many people come to me and not really being sure why and make enormous breakthroughs.

Like the rest of my workshops this is a place to take creative risks.Its fun, sure, but more than fun.
It’s an energized space of deep connection.
A highly effective way to kick you into the next level of being the funniest version of the real you. 

We’ll cover….
Stumbling blocks
Quick fixes
Work methods
Creativity principles
Being present
The Universal Principals of comedy 
What’s funny about you in particular
You might want to know:
How to better engage an audience
How to get past performance anxiety
How to choose material
How to target your most essential stories
How to move from ‘comedy adjacent’ to funny

I’m great at quelling overwhelm, helping people breaking through creative blocks, leaping over plateaus.

More info and Register now.

LMK if you have any questions…

xo Beth

PS… See you at UnCabaret March 24 at Rockwell!