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One question I get asked a lot about my workshop is if we do a show at the end.
That’s not how my workshop works.
A lot of comedy classes help you polish a short set.
Then you do a show.
Everyone brings a few friends.
That’s great.
Then you have a short set.
But how many times can you do that short set?
And what kind of tools have you developed to help you generate more material.
More short sets?
Longer sets?
The best short sets?
What tools have you developed for getting gigs besides the show at the end of class?
I don’t have a night of performance at the end of my workshop because we don’t work on polishing a short set. We work on your POV, your rhythm, your story gold.

Every class you bring in 5 new minutes.
It can be a story.
A set.
It can be a few pieces. 
Pages from your notebook.
A fully written storytelling piece.
A show you are pitching.
It’s all part of developing the wholistic writer/performer hyphenated creative.
We set goals at the beginning of the session.
Each person in the workshop has specific goals.
Occasionally that goal is to figure out what the goals are.
I help you find places to do the work.
And give you tools.
And we work on refining your unique comedic perspective.
And what to do with it.
Also we have fun.
It’s incredibly supportive, great place for risk taking.
But also challenging.
It is also not a cluster fuck of group think about your material.
You do your material.
I give you notes.
Occasionally I ask for an amen from the group.
But it’s not a dozen opinions.
And everyone trying to show off with their notes.
There are a lot of creative alliances formed though.
And post class discussion.
And I have seen students help each other with gigs.
And even with material outside of class.
Many very strong friendships.
I love that about it.

We start The Winter Session of Infinite Writing on Tuesday Jan 22.
There will be a Spring, Summer and Fall Session this year.
And I’ll be doing some one day intensives as well.
The first on March 2.

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