In Comedy, creativity, Life by Beth Lapides

Happy New Year! How long can we say it? For a while…..


Beginnings are funny.

We expect them to be dives from the high board.

Graceful and magical.

But often we wade in from the shallow end.

Gradual and awkward. Shocked by the temperature.

And we forget. Those high board dives.

So many awkward practice dives before that.



Even G_d took seven days to do the beginning.

I’ve probably read Genesis a thousand times and then I stop.

I love an origin story.

Who doesn’t?


Once upon a New Year’s Day

TLC did a special day of programming called World Birth Day.

And they showed birth footage all day long.

So genius.

And the Rose Bowl.

If you think about all the work and dirt

Behind all those flowers.


It’s funny having a birthday on January 10.

I never feel like the beginning has ended until that.

And so now with the birthday show at our new venue, Rockwell, on Jan 13

That will be the beginning of the non-beginning!


Are you coming? Fingers crossed emoji.

You are?! Happy face with star eyes emoji!

You can’t? Single tear emoji!

You’re bringing friends and already got a table? Clapping hands and double pink heart emoji!


Mitch and I are thrilled to welcome Laura Kightlinger, Liz Astrof, Justin Sayre, Frangela, Jamie Bridgers and musical guest Holly Palmer!


Don’t wait, get your tickets now here!


With Love….


xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth