In Creativity Coach, Writing by Beth Lapides

Take the stairs I told myself, as usual.
I was in a garage after a doctor’s appointment.
Feeling okey dokey, just a check up. Thanks.
And I guess open and grateful because of the above..
And then there was that fucking pink wall.
Had to stop and shoot.
No one gives selfies credit for making us stop. 

Anyway I took the pic and took in the light.
And started back up the next flight, thinking about captioning.
Take the stairs.
Make the effort.
Don’t be passive.
Make the in between times count. 
DO MORE!!!!!
It made me tired just thinking about saying it. 
I was thinking about it as a metaphor.
Not in a fitness guru way.
I wanted to say it.
Because it has helped me.
Lots of times taking the stairs has energized me.
And put me in mind of uplift and elevation.
Has gotten my blood going.
But I also didn’t want to say it.
It felt a little too bland, and cheerleader and what?
But I was stuck on it.
Maybe heaven an all that?
Having just come from the doctor’s.

Take the stairs
I kept thinking like a mantra
Under the emo music of my Phoebe Bridgers Pandora station.
I pulled out onto Olympic.
Take the stairs.
Just another way to beat myself up?
Take the stairs.

I do always take the stairs I told myself.
Then nope. 
Not actually.
I don’t take the stairs when it’s like 20 floors up.
Or even 10.
Or 5 and and I’m in my highest heels.
I don’t take the stairs when it’s a scary stairwell.
Or if I’m with someone who can’t climb.
Or if my bag’s too heavy.
And I don’t take the stairs when it’s a particularly beautiful elevator.
Like the one in the building where I do my classes.
With its hammered gold walls and terrazzo floor.
Where Liberace used to ride up.
Take the stairs.
I always do.
Unless I don’t.

Somewhere between always and never.
That’s a spot worth climbing towards.
Sometimes not taking the stairs is taking the stairs.
Sometimes the doing more is doing less.
The sweet spot is there waiting.
Always with beautiful light.

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth xox