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Creative Consulting for Writers Comedians and other Humans
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Beth has been helping creatives grow their careers for almost 16 years. Her particular areas of expertise are teasing the most personal funny out of anyone. Helping comedians find their unique comedic perspective. Helping writers find the golden vein of their stories, and figuring out what to do with them in the marketplace. Helping all creatives find their own personal sutra. The thread that carries through all of their work. She is especially adept at helping creatives surf transitional periods in their creative lives.

Her first inclination that she might be good at teaching and coaching came when her friend Jessica Bendinger was at a crossroads and shared a handful of projects she night pursue. The cheering story Beth said with assurance. Fade out fade in.... Bring It On. 

Since then Beth's taught both independently and at institutions such as UCLA Extension, Second City Chicago, Skirball Cultural Center, mediabistro  Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.  She is also a creative consultant and coaches clients one on one as well as working with corporate groups.  Beth speaks on creativity and comedy and has appeared at Brown University, Wieden + Kennedy, The University of Iowa,  A Place of Peace and others.

Her students have gone on to succeed in stand up careers, TV writing, screenwriting, publishing books, one person shows, teaching, web series, acting careers, producing and better lives.

Beth also works one-on-one with private clients. This work is very effective for longer projects, clients outside of Los Angeles, clients who require privacy and creatives with high powered day jobs needing more flexibility. Beth has worked this way with big name stars, bloggers, lawyers, comedians and more. Email to schedule a free 10 minute assessment call.

Beth's workshops have evolved over time and have variously been known as The UnCab Lab, The Comedian's Way, The Beth Lapides Workshop and currently, Infinite Writing. That title came from the infinite loop of creativity in the connection of writing and performing. Writers, even those who don't want to perform, benefit enormously from developing their speaking voices, knowing their rhythms, communicating their stories out loud. And performers, who are often eager to get up at the mic often need more work on the writing part. Beth's general principles have helped both writers and performers get past creative blocks, through overwhelm, past plateaus and to break free from work that isn't quite funny but definitely comedy adjacent.

Beth works with you uncover your most authentic and compelling stories and develop the techniques to be as funny as you can be telling them. To distill your point of view. And figure out where in the marketplace it will most flourish.


The workshop is perfect for anyone working on stand-up, storytelling, spoken word, content creation, memoir. Or anyone with the unexpressed creative urge. Yearning to know their story, to be funnier…. TESTIMONIALS HERE

Beth is a master teacher, creative consultant and a professional muse. She’s helped thousands of people fulfill their dreams, find their life purpose while getting funnier and having more fun.

She is the creator of UnCabaret. Read that story here in her LA Weekly cover story.

She's hosted and produced UnCab live for 25 years. On TV, the web, Amazon, radio. Additionally she has toured her critically acclaimed one woman shows, most recently '100% Happy 88% of the Time', hosted a nationally syndicated daily radio show, is a published author, has worked in comedy clubs, has appeared as a personality on CNN, NPR, Politically Incorrect. She's also acted on Sex and The City, Will and Grace, written for O, The LA Times, Time and more.


Interview with Beth about writing in Creative Screenwriting.

Interview with Beth Lapides in Creative Screenwriting

"The rhythm of your voice is the wave your inner truth rides in on."
Beth Lapides

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."
Dolly Parton