Next Workshop starts Tuesday Jan 22, 2019.
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Beth has been helping creatives grow their careers for over a dozen years. She has taught independently and at colleges and institutions such as UCLA Extension, Second City Chicago, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and SMOCA.

Her students have gone on to stand up careers, TV writing, screenwriting , web series, acting, producing and better lives.

The workshops have evolved over time and have variously been known as The UnCab Lab, The Comedian's Way, The Beth Lapides Workshop and currently, Infinite Writing.

Beth helps you uncover your most authentic and compelling stories and develop the techniques to be as funny as you can be telling them. To distill your point of view. And figure out where in the marketplace it will most flourish.

The workshop is perfect for anyone working on stand-up, storytelling, spoken word, content creation, memoir. Or anyone with the unexpressed creative urge. Yearning to know their story, to be funnier…. TESTIMONIALS HERE

Beth is a master teacher, creative consultant and a professional muse. She’s helped thousands of people fulfill their dreams, find their life purpose while getting funnier and having more fun.

She is the creator of UnCabaret. Has hosted and produced it live for 25 years. On TV, the web, Amazon, radio. Additionally she has toured her critically acclaimed one woman shows, most recently '100% Happy 88% of the Time', hosted a nationally syndicated daily radio show, is a published author, has worked in comedy clubs, has appeared as a personality on CNN, NPR, Politically Incorrect. She's also acted on Sex and The City, Will and Grace, written for O, The LA Times, Time and more.