In LGBTQA, UNCABARET, Work in Progress, Writing by Beth Lapides

I was at the bank the other day and I was eyeing something behind the window.
A pile of little golden somethings.
Something mysterious and wonderful and surprising.
Then the teller asked if I wanted a lollipop.
Oh is that what those are?
Remember a few years ago when banks realized it was all so painful they started putting out candy?
Like it was the doctor’s office.
Now apparently, my bank has the lollipops behind the window.
With the teller.
Maybe slightly overestimating the value of candy.

Sure, I said.
You never know when 3PM is going to find you sinking.
Especially in the weeks after your mom dies.
Especially as we speed towards 2020.
Especially for no reason at all except the horror of the late afternoon.

So she handed me the lollipop.
It was weird looking.
Very mottled, I said.
It’s not everyday you get to use the word mottled.
It’s a rainbow, she laughed.
For gay pride.
The teller next door said, no, just pride.
We don’t say gay pride any more.
Right, said my smiling teller.

Just pride.
She seemed proud she’d gotten it right.
Well I said we’re all at least a little gay anyway right?
All kind of queer.
Right? I was expecting the tellers to hem or haw.

Yes, they both agreed.

I’m sucking on that lollipop now.
And I just googled the big corporate bank, ready to lace into them for rainbow lollipops instead of real action.
But Google tells me they’ve also done real things.

We are all mottled.
We are all rainbows.
And all parts of the big rainbow.

Happy pride, I said.
Thinking of all the multiple meanings of pride.
Why can’t I let it be simple?
Or why can’t I have pride at least about being complicated?

Pride can be boastful and ego based.
Or it can be, as its etymology suggests, connected to the idea of being forward.
Moving boldly and bravely ahead without shame.
And the way that Easter is about being reborn, as spring arrives.

Pride is about basking in the full glory of ourselves.
Our uniqueness.
Our flowering.
Our queerness.
Turning our face to the sun.
Or up to the spotlight.

Happy pride.

And please join me for our June UnCabaret.

What a full rainbow of huge talent.

Make your reservations now!

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth