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OMG it feels so good.
I spent Rosh Hashona cleaning out.
I tossed.
I shredded.
OK I just ripped things up in half.

I listened to a Rosh Hashona playlist on Spotify
Minor chords.
Perfect for that bitter sweet feeling of letting go.
When they cycled around to the third Hava Nagila
I tossed that too.
By the way Have Nagila means exactly what Markoe Kondo is always saying.
Let us rejoice.

I tossed a Joy sign
It wasn’t bringing me Joy.

I hesitated at a pen.
If you can’t throw away old pens
How are you going to throw away old ideas.

When I walked into my office this morning it felt so good.
I know what’s happening in my filing cabinet.
There’s more to do.
But you reach your limit.
Back to the last pile.
For now.

For now.
That’s an idea to hold onto.
A feeling.
For now.
My signoff if I was a reporter.
One of my core beliefs.

For now.
With Love.

I’m excited about the fall.
Cautiously optimistic.
You never hear anyone say they are cautiously pessimistic do you?
But this light.
I love the October light.
It’s a compassionate light.
A generous light.
A light that whispers of possibility.
A light that’s kind of wise.
Knowing in its heart it won’t last.
But being so perfect.
Take risks.
Do the big thing now.
Make room for it.
That’s what they mean when they say Roctober.

And our Roctober UnCabaret is one for the books.
Check out that line up.
See you there.

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth