Between You and Me

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Well here we are
In what I think of as
The taint of the year.

An in between place
In a year that’s so in between
It’s essentially the line down the center of
A Before and After pic.
The line between the two pictures?
We’re walking that line.

But in a way
It’s all an in between place.
The before pic is an after of something.
And the after pic is a before of something else.

But before and after is alluring.
That feeling of progress.
That’s one of the metrics of happiness
After all.
We long for progress.
Next year is going to be the best!
And all that.

But maybe getting comfortable
With the feeling of being in between.
Maybe that’s our after.
Maybe we can see living in the in between
As the progress.

Maybe this is the sparkly new thing.
Not a dividing line
Or even a multiplying line.
But the silver lining.

We long for either/ors.
But life is essentially an and.
I mean DNA.
It’s an anagram of AND.

Is part of and.
But and isn’t part of either or.
So go big.

Embrace the beautiful complexity.
The mystery.
If I have any resolution this new year
It’s that.

When I was 20 something
I received a grant to make a theater piece.
The first thing I did was go out and buy science books.
I’d been reading Science Tuesday in the NYT
And had this fear that they were going to
And I wasn’t going to understand it.
And then how could I figure into my life what they’d figured out?

But my big take away from that reading.
What stuck with me
Particles – electrons and protons etc.
Are not things.
But simply tendencies to exist.

Tendency to exist.
Tender is that.
This here.
That exit.
This line.

In between.

And between you and me
Lean in for the whisper.
It’s all love.
Isn’t it?
The thing that converts before to after.
And is the thing itself.
The experience of the love.
The ultimate and.

As for science?
They say these tendencies
Are both a particle
And a wave.
Two things at once.
A here
And a there.
Depending on how you look at it.

So though it’s sometimes easy to give in.
To be afraid.
And wonder when.
I’m also cherishing these days.
Of remembering
The particular blessings
Of being in between.

So meet me on the stairs
Where we will celebrate
Our progress
Our andness.

For now.

Much love.

xx Your Sunday Girl xx Beth