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The trick to beginning to change is to catch the wave.
Whether you’re writing an act, a book, a screenplay.
Ready to start production on a new podcast.
Start doing gigs.
Finally do the one person show.
Get sober.
Push forward on any part of your journey.

There’s the wanting to change.
The feeling you should change.
A general sense of urgency.
And then there’s a wave.
Or a spark.
Depending if you like water or fire metaphors.
You create that surge with your want.
With an accumulation of tiny thoughts.

I should….
I could….
I want to…
What if I don’t…
And these build up.
Until one day there are enough of them that you have created a possible moment.
And they turn into imagination.
You see yourself doing it.
It’s as if it is already happening.
That’s a window of opportunity.
Walk into that window.
Like a cat burglar.
Ride that wave.
Ignite the fuel with your spark.
Don’t waste it!
You have worked hard with your mind to create it.
You have earned it.
Begin what you have begun.

I am especially adept at helping creatives launch new chapters.
Next level.

People ask me what to bring to class.
A piece of paper.
Anything you are working on.
Your phone to record yourself if you like.
And bring your discontent.
Your discomfort.
Your enthusiasm.
Your pain.
Your hope.
Your joy.
Your questions.
Bring alllll of your questions.


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With a great love for the process….