In Life, Writing by Beth Lapides

Sunday I launch the UnCabaret our monthly residency at Rockwell!

A new chapter.
Interested, excited, curious!
Thrilled to be in Los Feliz, The Happies, in that great room.

And tomorrow is my birthday, and so Sunday will be the Special Birthday Show as well:)
Here’s the thing about my birthday story.
I was born into a major snow storm.
And apparently my Dad had to melt the ice around the lock on the car door
Before he could use the key to unlock it.
To get my Mom to the hospital.
Keys and locks on car doors.
I know, The Old Days, right?

I’ve heard that story a million times.
The cigarette lighter in the blizzard.
I feel like I can see it.
Who knows maybe I did see it.
Maybe that’s the way it works.
But for some reason this week

It suddenly struck me as a perfect metaphor for right now.

Because here we are.
Trying to unlock the future.
The shift and all that.
The stuff we do to change together.
As a culture.

That’s the lock.

But before that.
Before we can turn the key, make the shift, there’s the melting.
That’s the part we each need to do.
When everything around us says protect.

And only then do we get to put the key into the lock and turn.
By the way.
I don’t think I’ve ever once not been thrilled when the key works.
It always seems like a miracle.

So on this new year, new venue, pre-birthday day
I remind myself to #BETHechange
It’s right in my name.
Still hard.
But easier somehow when we fill rooms with us.
The right to gather.
To make it happen.

It’s happening.

Get your tickets now here!

xo Your Sunday Girl