Don’t Waste The Crisis

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Don’t waste this crisis.
I’m not the first to say.
But I have lived it.
And I know in my bones
What a hugely valuable idea it is.

And this crisis.
This now.
We’ve been waiting for
Preparing for
This now to erupt
This transitional, transformational now.
This time of change.

I know that in my own life
Crisis is when I’ve been able to radically shift
To actually evolve and grow.

Years ago when I was evicted
(No fault of my own, long story)
And I was looking for a new place
It seemed like everyone I told said to me:
I was evicted
And it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I became determined to have that be my story.
I had no idea how I could make that be so.
But it did happen.

Not in the way that that I imagined it would be.
The true miracles
The shift in perspective
Took longer to unfold
But they would never have been possible
Without the eviction.
I’ve told pieces of this story at UnCab.
I’ve told more of it in 100% Happy 88% of The Time.
And someday
Maybe soon
I will finally sit down and write the book.

But for now I can tell you this.
As I was coming to understand the idea
Of not wasting the crisis
I found this…
“Evolution proceeds primarily in response to crisis situations.
That’s when genomes get inventive.”
Elisabet Sahtouri M.I.T. smarty pants.

It’s not just ‘us’ as personalities
It’s the very nature of our organism.
But in order not waste it
We have to eventually stop resisting the change.

And change is chaotic.
Because change is not linear.
Creativity is not linear.
It’s not all a logical progression.
Pain leads to joy.
Where is the logic in that?
Release results in receiving.
Does that make sense?
Unrest can lead to peace.
Linear thinking is part of
What we need to unseat.

Crisis was first a medical term.
A decisive point in the process of a disease.
That certainly is where we are.
“A point at which change must come.
For better or worse.”
We can help to make it better.
By loving the crisis.
By knowing that we are not watching the crisis.
We are part of it.

UnCabaret is one of the ways I know to help.
It is in the words of that MIT smarty pants
Each of our guests.
And all of our guests.
With many as one.
Voices of difference.
The uncomfortable and the funny.

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For Now…
Your Sunday Girl