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Happy holidays!
I’m saying it.
To baristas and Lyft drivers.
Wherever whomever.
You know, it’s this year.
And drastic measures are called for.
Happy holidays!!!!!

And because.
Wanting to or at least wanting to want to
It’s the only thing.

And when there’s not the time
Or the language barrier is too big
To ask how’s your day
Happy holidays works.
It seems like a lot of pressure.
Happy! Holidays!
But fuck it.
Happy holidays!
What’s left of them.
As we linger in this hammock.
The between Xmas and NYE.
The taint of the year.

In the pool between the mistletoe and the ball drop.
The kisses and the launch the lurch.
From old to new.
One now and then the next.
Exactly the same and yet not.

Where am I?
Who am I?
What is life?
Happy holidays!!!! wait that’s not enough!!!!!!
We have everything we need.
No need for more.
No hole to fill.
Nothing will fix it.
Be now here.
And happy holidays!!!!

Sometimes i can find a way
To say it more quietly.
Take away the exclamation point
And still make my point
With that lilt not quite a question
But not a demand
That shrug of a shoulder that says
Hey I know.
But happy holidays.

I’m grateful to be able to be saying it.
And mean it even.
There were times I was so gloomy.
And happy holidays?
It seemed impossibly hypocritical.
The reasons not to be happy seemed worth listing.
And loud.
And all the reasons to be treasured
Just whispers lost to the noise.

But this year. Now.

Happy holidays!!!
I got you some hope.
Statistics don’t tell the whole story.
Anyway some of them are positive.
It’s the last gasp before we make the shift.

Higher consciousness is expanding.
It’s a decision.
And it’s getting made all over the place.
Though not in every place.
So I’m saying it.
Because sometimes saying it makes it so.
Happy holidays!!!

Meaning deep.
Deep holidays.
Dark chocolatey deep.
Deep is what I really do love about this time of the year.
With its blanket of darkness.
For deep cleaning.
And wishing the year of next in.
Deep is permission granted not a demand.
Long bath deep.
Staring into the fireplace.
For a long time deep.
Forgetting to check your social media deep.

Deep holidays kids.
With all the feels.
The happy, sure.
And the other too.
Deep holidays!!!
This decade turn of a one.

Happy holidays!!!!
See you in 2020.
Sunday Jan 12 to begin with.
For my birthday show.
Yay! Hope you can come!

Tickets here.

Then third Sundays for the rest of the year.
Much love…  and l’chaim!

ox Your Sunday Girl xo Beth