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We had the great good fortune to see Meredith Monk’s Atlas at Disney Hall this week.
Someone asked if we wanted their subscriber’s tickets.
Sure. Thanks.
I was perfectly ok with going.
Not exactly stoked.
A lot to do.
Feeling behind.
But sure.
I should know her work better.
Disney Hall.
Date night.

Then it turned out Chris our dear friend – and meditation teacher – was going
With his, and Mitch’s, longtime friend Tom Bodgen.
Tom was in town because he was part of the original Atlas ensemble.
And the whole crew was here for this event.
Hello again.

We met for dinner at AuLac.
First time I’d been there since we ended our 7 year run.
Hello again parking lot, room, vegan fried shrimp.
Hello again all around.

Tom schooled and storied us at dinner.
The piece hasn’t been done in decades.
Hello again.
Meredith Monk doesn’t allow other artists to do her work.
But the amazing Yuval Sharon had been listening to Atlas since high school.
And his passion swayed her.
Passion does that.

And now there we were in front row center seats.
Behind a harp and below a giant globe.
There were performers on stage as we entered.
Projections on the globe.
It was happening.
In every sense of the word.
That moment when sure goes to yes.
The best feeling.
Especially if you’ve been feeling a little not so much yes.
Say if your mom died recently.
Hello again.

If you were there you know.
Transcendent and magical.
Staging by Es Devlin
Who also stages for Kanye and Beyonce
Who’s Kanye West someone asked.
Oh hello again high art crowd of my early NY days.

Then Atlas.
Filled with not only passion.
Peace and patience.
All contagious.
Hi hi hi hello.
Or hey yo as they kept singing in the piece.
There are only like a few dozen actual words.
It was beyond words.
Hey yo.
Hello again.

It’s the story of a seeker.
A girl.
The first to go to Tibet.
And beyond.
In the end she finds what she is looking for.
At the home she leaves in a long good-bye.
It’s The Wizard of Oz.
If it’s not in my own backyard and all that.

The girl always learns.
What she is seeking is in her own backyard.
I resented that for so long.
I resented that the boys got to leave and be done.
Off on an adventure.
Why do the girls have to learn that it was there all along.
Hello again.

In the fullness of time – as they say –
I’ve accepted it’s a blessing.
The mystery of the thing being at home when you return
Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have gone.
And if by ‘at home’ we understand ‘in my heart’
Understanding it has been inside you
Doesn’t mean you could have felt it without the journey.

By the end of Atlas I was in some altered state of consciousness.
Not asleep.
Not awake either.
Eyes shut.
Somewhere deep.
Mitch had most of the intermission coffee;)
I felt sad I’d kind of missed the end.
I mentioned this afterwards and thankfully Chris said he’s gone there too.
To a very deep place.
To a place there is no atlas for.

And then the clapping.
The awakening.
Hello again.

And I am reminded of what I knew.
Before I went.
About why we do UnCab.

Why I go to shows.
There is something that can happen
When you are with people.
When the work is live.
On stage.
In a bar.
In Disney Hall or a club.

The energy exchange.
The uplift.
From the chanting or the laughing.
The harmony or the tears.
From seeing people at the reception afterwards.
Hey yo Meredith Monk herself.
Hey yo echoing.

We go out.
So when we come home
We remember
Who we are.
Which we knew.
But we didn’t.
We’re new.
We’re not.
We’re changed.
At last.
Thank you Atlas.
Hello again life.

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth

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