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I am hopeful.
I don’t know why.
I actually first wrote I have hope.
But that’s not true.
I wasn’t hopeful when I thought hope was something you have.

I am hopeful.
Unreasonable and crazy though it seems.

Someone I trusted once told me it’s the hope that will kill you.
I believed him. Oops.
The whole new age tells us it’s not about the future.
It’s about now.
And hope is about the future.
But a now without hope?
I personally don’t have the heart for it.

I recovered my own hope in a very peculiar and particular way.
(I tell that story in 100% Happy 88% of the Time.)

And my life got so much better.
Not just my life.
I seemed more able to be the change.
Or BETHechange as came to think of it

I am hopeful.
Despite all the various, many and obvious reasons to not be.
#soapandtroothbrushes #fetalrights #thenewsingeneral #thatguy
#metoo #maybe100yearsleft #homelessness #icouldgoonofcourse

But also because of much.
All the many people, many of you
Fighting the good fight.

Sure I get depressed.
#sensitive #comedian #reality
But even when I do
I’m hopeful.
Ok when I’m depressed I’m not the most hopeful.
But it’s right there.
Like high heels.
Waiting for me to step into.
So it can lift me up.

Somethings stoke my hopefulness.
Gratitude lists that don’t stop at the obvious.
Meditation practice.
Certain people.
This thought: I don’t know.

OMG the most beautiful monarch butterfly just flew back and then forth outside my window
I had stopped for a second to pull back my hair and thought is this true?! Am I really hopeful?
Then the butterfly.
Ok so back to it, without the doubtful question…
But hope doesn’t seem to require that you don’t doubt it.

These thoughts give hope room…
Maybe this is perfect.
Less will be revealed.
Shift happens.
Not right now.
I’m not seeing the biggest picture.
Don’t make it worse.

And of the many things in my life that are part of my hopefulness…
None is more powerful than UnCabaret.
Despite all the odds here we are.
Change can happen.
That gives me hope.
I had a vision.
People said no.
Nope. You can’t.
And here we are.
It gives me hope for all the rest of it.
Plus everyone on the show.
One after another of amazing artists.
One of a kinds.
People who broke the mold and are at the top of their game.
Taking risks.
Telling the story.
And the audience.
Bringing friends.
Knowing that really.. what good is sitting alone in your rooms.
All that.
Being on stage and working with the vibe.
The music.
All that and more.

Hope to see you there. Hahahah

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth

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