In creativity by Beth Lapides

What is your creative plan for next year?


Which projects are you going to put your juice into?

Which are you going to let go of so you can focus?

What dream can no longer be deferred?

What compromise are you tired of making?

What is your working rhythm?

How can you adjust your process for better results?

What is an obstacle you can remove?

What opportunity are you ignoring?


This world needs you to step up and be the full you.

Your full expression of your unique perspective is what you have been given.

Don’t neglect your gifts.


Who is on your team?

It is tempting to think you can do it all yourself.

But no one can.

Who will help guide you in your process?

Who will ask you the questions?

Who will help you organize?

Who will cheer you on?

Who will tell you the hard truth?

Who will help you punch up?

Who will help you dig for the gold?

Who can you help?


Managers, coaches, agents, writing partners, loved ones.

They all can help.

But none of them can help before you do your part.


My workshop helps you do your part in a few ways.

Deadlines are life lines.

And a group of like minded creatives is energizing.

And I help with many of the above.

Sorting through material, pushing you to be funnier, helping you find your gold.

Helping you get to the essence of your story.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Or go ahead and sign up NOW and have the whole month to excitedly anticipate and prepare.

Make 2019 the year you take action to make the next part of your dreams come true.


You can also register on PayPal or Venmo or on the phone. on PayPal @BethLapides on Venmo

213-706-3630 for credit cards on the phone.