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I’m thinking about phones.
How we all say:
No one talks on the phone any more!
And how some certain phone calls
Now may change the course of history.

I personally love the phone.
I love a check in call.
A phone appointment.
I love hearing the sound of his voice saying baby.
I love when she says hi girly.
I love their scream of Lady!
And oh I love the merged call.
The thrill of a three way.
I love to hear congratulations on the phone.
I’m there for a crying call.
I will hold the space for it.
And sometimes I’ll be the cryer.
I like to talk in the car.
And when I’m putting on make up.
I love talking to my therapist on the phone.
I love doing private creative consults on the phone.

The conversation.
I love it.
The conversation is where things convert.
The way things shift and change.
The connections.

I do turn my phone off at night sometimes.
Especially if we have Mitch’s on.
Because I’ve gotten 3AM calls.
When is the next show?
Um, not now?
Is that the sound of cleaning in the background?
Maybe get to a meeting?

The word phone is basic.
It comes from the greek word phone meaning sound, voice.
From the PIE root meaning speak, say, tell.
Those are some of my very favorite words.

And the phone is so UnCab.
Back in the day, as I was imagining this new form of comedy
I kept thinking that my funniest friends
Were funnier on the phone than they were on stage.
How to get the intimacy of the phone in a show?
How to arrange it so comedy was truly conversational.
So it wasn’t all so fake.
Or at least didn’t feel so fake.
I know so much more about the answers to those questions now.
But then I just had the question.
And a burning desire for the answer.

I loved that question.
When you don’t have answers
Try to just love the question.

The only thing about the phone.
No hugging it out.
For that we need to get together to gather.

For that we need to be in the room.
Next UnCabaret.
Sunday Oct 15.
Such a good one.

Come for the comedy, the stories, the music.
Stay for the hugs.

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth

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