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Sometimes I sit down to write this column
Without being clear what I’m going to write about.
I open the computer.
I think hmmm.
Which is to say I try to tap into the hum.

Today was such a day.
Thought about leap year.
And how really who needs more days
In this particularly strange year?
Thought about writing about the Starbucks guy saying
Nice to see you
Meaning he noticed I’d taken a break.
And the pleasures of narrowing the circle
So that some of the strangers
Aren’t strangers.
Which is one of the pleasures of UnCab.
And over the years how that circle has grown.
You pass us around.
But then I thought no.
Although there.
I just did.
So yes and no.
The world is complex and layered.

I sat and thought hmm.
And I remembered I’d clocked how last night
Mitch and I were checking the weather.
His phone told him one thing
And my phone another.
Both iPhones.
In the same room.
The same now.
Why did we get varying results?
And then I thought about Iowa.
And then I thought about the break from Starbucks.
Which was part of my new year food plan.
Which is working.
The hum of now.

I love process.
But in the end
I only love process truly when it has results.
All the metrics I’m plugged into.
The back end stuff.
The click throughs.
And sign ups.
And tickets.
And deals.
The laughs.
Sure the likes and RT’s.
I’m not immune.
Go follow me! Insta Twitter PunimBook

I love the work.
But I love completion.
So decisions have to be made
From the heart and soul.
Maybe the gut.
Results be damned.
Leaps of faith.
Leap year right?

Leap for results.
I wondered about the word result.
And it turns out to be from the word for rebound.
Re – back.
Salire – to jump, leap.
From Latin salientem.
Present participle for salire.
To leap.
Hello leap year.
Year of results.
Into the that of it.

The hum is so funny sometimes.
The hum of the now.
Which is always there to reveal.
And be revealed.
Always the same.
Demanding presence.
Always different.
Because life is change.
And that’s what keeps me at UnCab.
The funniest people.
In their now.
With their stories.
Our story.
And you.
Ready to dive in with.
Wanting to feel it.
That and the laughs.

Click here.

The result will be tickets to one of your best nights in this leap month of the leap year!
We are going to need to do a lot of leaping together this year.

Sunday Feb 16

xo Your Sunday Girl xox Beth

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