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Some very wrong dude
Rammed into my car last night.
Barrelled down the street.
A West Hollywood street that needs inching.
That requires courtesy and delicacy.
I hold my breath while passing.
I’m so in awe of the fact
That we all manage to accommodate each other.
It makes me so happy while I’m driving.

Then this big black SUV 
Smashed my driver’s side mirror.

Car was parked.
I wasn’t in it.
But I heard it.
Mitch saw it.
No we couldn’t get the license plate number.

I went through the emotional roller coaster.
Anger. Compassion. Gratitude. Repeat. 
Maybe they were having their worst day.
We swept up the shattered pieces of mirror. 
And picked mirror out of the grass. 
Hello sky.
Threw the shards away with the resentments.
Then went to meditation.

This morning I called the dealer who told me how much it would be to replace.
Then I was angry again.
Then I called the garage. 
Oh sure. Bring it over.
I love those guys.

And here’s the thing.
As soon as I went to pull the car out
I realized how much I use that mirror.
How much that mirror is how I see.
How much it isn’t all the windshield.
Or the rear view.
I kept looking at that black plastic void.
Where the mirror is supposed to be.
Ok fine.
Thank you idiot guy who can’t bother stop to deal with your damage.

Because ironically not having that mirror to see with
Showed me a billion other
Mirrors I depend on. 
I think I’m seeing things through the windshield of my green eyes.
But there are the people who reflect a certain slice of reality.
Ones I can’t easily see without them.
Moods that show me things I don’t see in other moods.
My mantra.
Even sugar.
All mirrors I look into on the very extreme regular.

And UnCab.
I see the world in a particular way when I look into that mirror. 
Of course I see so much funny.
But more.
I see hope.
I see possibility.
I see people coming together.
I see longevity.
I see breakthroughs.
i see the courage.
I really do love checking that mirror.
And its been an adjustment to monthly.

Be with us Sunday night.
We’re a little light #gameofthrones #coachella #OOT 
I know there are some of you who like a little elbow room.
This month we start our run of second Sundays.
So go make your reservations now.

Mucho love and gratitude!

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth