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New word.
That feeling you get when you’ve been away and feel reborn.
Or at least renewed.
Ok maybe just not worn to a nub.
And you return.
Home. Ah.
And then wait… what… this?
And the feeling
That you need to catch home up to your new headspace.
But where to start?
There’s no word for that.
So, new word.
Let the Mirriam Websters know K?

Which is also to say
We had a great trip back east
Big family, long time friends.
Mom’s memorial.
Provincetown ocean.
Oh the Atlantic.
If laughter were an element it would be sea water.
Waves and ripples.
Cleansing and fun.

I came home with ocean hair.
And didn’t want to wash it.
But that’s not the way you hold on to the good parts of a trip.
Is it?

Well not for more than a few days at least;)

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