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There’s an idea floating around that we all need to let go of our story. I couldn’t disagree more.

Mid-way through the Spring Session of my Infinite Writing Workshop. Last night’s class was off the hook. Every one of my students dug so deep into their story. And into their biggest questions. About themselves. Their writing. And it reminded me to share about how strongly I believe in knowing your story, owning your story. As a way of liberating yourself to live the life you want to live. Until we know our stories they own us.

The trick is that our story is always changing. New parts of our story shine a different light on the past events in it. But understanding, not just remembering our story, helps us live. It’s an infinitely morphing picture.

We never really get to the very bottom of our story, because the depth of our stories is infinitely expanding. That’s one reason I call it Infinite Writing. Doing the writing work expands life, which expands the writing, which expands life.

The reason you get to know your biggest and deepest story is big. And deep. It’s not always that you’re going to to tell that story. Or write that story as a movie. Or turn it into a web series. You might, once you know it. Or you might tell other stories. But you will tell them better. More surely. More creatively. More courageously. More lovingly. More freely. Once you know your own story. #staycurrent #itchanges

No one owns your story but you.

Of course there are other people in our stories, and sometimes of they have been very impactful it feels like its their story. And it’s liberating to accept and embrace: No one owns your story but you. Not your ex, or your parents or your assailant or your kids. Not your boss or your landlord or your bank. Not Trump or Clinton or the Illuminati. Not your childhood self. Not your demons. Your story is a gift you’ve been given. And if you don’t love that story… yet…

Change your attitude or move more deeply into your life.

Maybe you are not living your whole story yet. It’s infinitely evolving.

And helping my students dig deep last night. Basking in the glow of their light bulb moments #betterthantherapy Reminded me to remind them. Knowing your big story helps you pick smaller pieces of it. Those pieces are clearer when you understand the shape of the whole thing. And gives you the freedom to tell any story. #freedom #passover

And I truly believe that if we understand we are living a story all together. It will help us shape history. Once you get conscious about your story you can BETheChange.

And no. I can’t tell you exactly how in 3 steps this is going help you make more money. Or be thinner. But I can tell you that I have seen time and time again, an almost infinite number of times how doing this work has caused the shifts and opened the doors. And changed lives. Because looking at your story helps you shift your perspective.

After all you can’t spell story without or. Join me to work on knowing and telling your story this summer I have a one day intensive, You But Funnier. And a six week class, Infinte Writing.

Know Your Story! Infinte Writing and You But Funnier

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Infinite Writing
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