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Life and Beth on iTunes Beth talks to creative people about their lives. Guests have included one of a kind talent like: Lili Taylor, Daniel Radcliffe, Margaret Cho, Willem Dafoe, Ana Gasteyer and more!

Life and Beth Beth Lapides' podcast
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Beth's Guest Appearances

Kill Me Now, Judy Gold's Podcast: A deep dive. Two episodes of funny talk and stories.

Pep Talks with Eddie Pepitone : Don't Tell Me About Your Sadness. Beth with Eddie Pepitone on ATC, All Things Comedy, 2018.

Storyworthy "Beth Lapides moved to New York as an artist and storyteller. She decided to go to Washington Square Park where she stood in a box she painted to look like a house, and started to tell stories."

The Drunkalogues "Beth Lapides created the iconic LA comedy show, UnCabaret, which had a Comedy Central special and a series run on Amazon Prime and recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Beth got sober 8 years ago and shares some amazing insights here about peace, acceptance, creation and the winding path that took her thru georgraphics, yoga, eviction and angel healing before sobriety."

Maybe It's You with Greg and Amira. "Beth Lapides, the creator of the longtime alternative comedy show UnCabaret, joins Amiira and Greg to discuss long term relationships both romantic and the relationship you have with your own creative work. The crossover of working together and living together that works until it stops working, how a dysfunctional relationship can get stuck in the past and stop growing when you stop exploring yourself, and the realization that you might be squeezing the life out of your favorite person."

Dumb People Town w The Sklar Brothers "Comedian Beth Lapides joins the show to discuss the tale of an Airbnb "Super Host" who breaks into his guest house while it's being rented!"

Hang Out With Me (A Myq Kaplan Podcast) Beth with Rory Scovel hanging out with Myq Kaplan.

Sklarboro County Beth with The Sklar Brothers on Earwolf.

The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian: A deep dive into UnCabaret recorded in 2012.

Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style- Beth on The Nerdist with Mary Lynn Rajskub.

The David Feldman Show KPFK. Beth talks confessional comedy with David Feldman.

All Things Considered on NPR. The Story on UnCabaret's first 25th Anniversary.

This isn't a podcast it's a Vulture article I appear in from the very smart Jesse David Fox. It asks:  How Funny Does Comedy Need To Be? And contextualizes the work I have been doing with UnCabaret for the past 25 years. Read more of my writing here.