"She has a mic and she knows how to use it."
The LA Times
"Beth's class was a wonderful and supportive catalyst, and my one-man show feels much more real now. Highly recommended."
Alexander Nemser
"I was so positively surprised and amazed by the shining presence of Beth Lapides, I did now know who was this unique woman before this event and now I am all over the internet searching about her and definitely planning to attend one of her nights at UnCabaret. I left the event with a powerful statement said by Lapides, 'If you do not have the answer to a question, just love the question.'"
CSUN student
"When I sign on a Story Studio client that needs a black-belt wordsmith and story coach, I bring Beth to the table. I tried shrinking her so I can carry her around in my pocket to get a shot of her bru=illiant strokes all day long - oddly she didn't appreciate that. So then I thought I'd try turning her into a What's The Most Astounding Story Ever BETH APP, but she's not crazy about the title So until we can get past this naming thing and it hits the APP store, we will just have to keep calling Beth in and writing her big checks."
Emily Aiken - The Story Studio

"I took Infinite Writing to work with a master comedienne, also known for nurturing the careers of countless other successful entertainers. Beth’s   knowledge about how to "make it" in LA at every level is phenomenal. Her method of helping students craft their stories and performances is clearly informed by over 25 years of experience.  It's also highly individualized and magical.  I was inspired to write and perform new pieces weekly; and left with new-found confidence in what makes me unique."

Jane Alcala
"I cannot say enough about Beth's Infinite Writing Workshop. I first took it a few years ago when I had only the vaguest idea of what I was doing. Beth has this amazing gift on focusing in on the most important aspect of your work and help you bring your voice to the front. She saw things I couldn't see myself and it really wouldn't be too much to say that she helped me change a direction in my life.  The workshops themselves are amazing and Beth is great at building a supportive and kind atmosphere where we all cheer each other on. I have also developed some long-lasting friendships from my time in class. When you hear the feedback Beth gives the other students you begin to realize how honest she is and how you can really trust her.  If you're even thinking about the Infinite Writing Workshop, stop thinking and sign up. As that sneaker company says, just do it!"
Mary Stancavage, meditation teacher, podcaster "The Undefended Heart"
"You need alt comedy swami, Beth Lapides!"
"Beth provides a safe container to blossom the essential self. She is a consummate muse; funny, loving, insightful, kind. In short, she is a comedic sage goddess."
Melanie Lutz Writer/Director/Love Activist
"Thank you so much for helping me articulate my voice."
Berit Elizabeth
"Since we met a couple years back, I’ve wanted to work with visonary creative teacher, snappy dresser, comedian and muse, Beth Lapides. Last weekend I finally took her fantastic workshop, “You, But Funnier”, and it was magic! Beth is brilliant. Deeply insightful, kind, super funny, crazy smart, with a guru’s instinct for excavating the best part of your creative self. Whether you’re working on a script, stand up, speech or memoir, Beth will make you better! I’m diving back into my writing project with a vengeance of joy and I highly recommend you signing up for her Infinite Writing workshop this spring."
Melanie Taylor, singer
"Highly recommended workshop -- Beth's a fantastic, intuitive teacher!"
Suzanna Regos
"That was so much fun. So many talented people in that room. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights."
Dawn Forrester
"Beth Lapides is magical. She sees something in every story. Even when the story is not there. I signed up for a workshop and fell on my face. And then I signed up for another workshop and had fun falling on my face. Each time I was in her class I felt it was truly another plane of the mind. My fellow students all rose to an ingenious level of creative comedic writing. I felt lucky just to be able to hear Beth help other creatives find their way. Take her class if you can. You won’t regret it. I’m going back for more…"
Julie Nunis

"You are such a generous teacher."

Laureen Lazarovici Narro

"Beth gives great notes. She’s insightful, whip smart and she goes deep to move you forward in your writing."

Dana Joy Altman

"Beth is a superhero dedicated to fighting the evil that is untapped creative potential! Beth skillfully guided me out of the weeds when helping out on my pilot script. Brainstorming with Beth will transform whatever you’re working on into a truer version of itself - and here’s the bonus - you’ll have a tremendous amount of fun!"

Monique Reymond

"Thank you for believing in me."

Rachel Bennesh
"I wanted to write a monologue for a character I’d created to perform at the opening of my CD Release. Thrilled and excited by my decision to do this, I sat down to craft some ideas. Then it hit me. “What was I thinking? I don’t do stand up! This has to be funny!!” I had bookmarked Beth’s website some months before and decided to reach out for individual coaching. I’m so happy I did. Over the course of a few sessions Beth helped me add greater depth and specificity to my character, and write a monologue that had comedic beats and punches aplenty. And perhaps most importantly, my work with Beth left me feeling completely confident I could deliver an entertaining live performance. She’s a superb coach, an absolute joy to work with, and as warm, funny, and authentic a human being as you will ever find."
Fay Gauthier
"You are one of those rare 'talents' that understand sorrow but chooses to infuse it with joy"
Janet Blake
"I discovered my writing voice in your class!"
Alexander Burke. Musical Director of Mortified

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Thanks so much for today...it was so much fun. Very exciting to get things up and you are so awesome and supportive...loved the space you held for everyone and your "organic" approach. Look forward to doing it again... Inspired...and grateful.
Dunya Djordjevic
"This workshop changed my life."
Jamie Bridgers