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I love the beginning of September!
That back to school feeling.
Of course it isn’t really back to anything.
It’s moving ahead.
It’s alway moving ahead.
But in a way going back too.
It’s cycling around.
We arrange the world in a linear way.
We talk in linear language
But life is circular, more accurately a spiral.
DNA is a spiral.
That’s us.
We are spirals.

I catch myself doing it.
I’m back on my yoga mat I say.
But I’m not.
I’m on my yoga mat again.
In a new way.
With my years of practice in me.
But with today’s me.
And energy.
And the world as it is.
Namaste and all that.

And just the other day I said to my friend Fawn
I just want to gt ahead of things.
That’s not how it works she said.
We can’t get ahead of things.
I know I said.
But I want to.
Want what you have she said.
Like she always does.
Sure sure.

Then I was at Starbucks
And they had the glittery pumpkin out.
Its pumpkin spice time.
Before Labor Day.
It’s too soon I thought.
I started getting all snarky about it.
I’d been pumpkin spicing my own life.

In the wrong way
Adjusting and here for the spicy spiral.

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