In Comedy, creativity, Writing by Beth Lapides

I got an email from a fan.
He wanted to let me know he was texting and Spellcheck had changed UnCabaret to I Can.
He was sure I had heard that a thousand times but wanted to let me know anyway.
Actually I hadn’t.
And it doesn’t happen to me because all my machines know I type UnCabaret so much they auto fill in.
Yeah yeah yeah I hear them say as soon as I type a U.
We got it.

I loved getting that email.
I CAN is a great spellfuck for UnCab.
It’s at the heart of it.
So many people told me I couldn’t do UnCabaret.
That we couldn’t.
I’m even one of those people.
But then I can I say. We can.
I wrote the fuller story for the LA Weekly. Here it is, if you haven’t already read it.

In some ways UnCabaret itself says I can over and over to me.
The 25th anniversary seemed too big a project.
People kept prodding me to do it.
I can’t I said.
I can said UnCabaret.
Then we found The Theatre at Ace Hotel and it was amazing and perfect.
But again too much.
I said I can’t.

UnCab said I can.
Then I reached out to Kristy Edmunds at CAP/UCLA because I thought if there was anyone in town who we could do it with it was her/them.
Kristy said I can.
We can.
And also, by the way, we’re doing our usual season at Royce and also one at The Ace.
Would you like to do it there?
I would!
We could.
I can.
We can.

And then I asked lots of people could they be part of it.
Yes, I can so many of them said.
Look at that list.
And right now of course.
With all there is to do in working for herstory to, as MLK said, ‘bend towards freedom’.
Some days it seems impossible.
I can’t.
We can’t.
I think of UnCabaret.
It gives me hope.
I also think of the microbes in The War of The Worlds.
You don’t know where the solution is coming from.
When you can’t see the solution, it’s sometimes hard to believe there is one.
Then it’s time to love the question.
On the edge of I can’t is the search for unknown and sometimes unknowable answers.
I can when I start to love the question.
And bow down to the mystery.
When I look for solutions not answers.

The solution is watery.
A liquid in which the minor component, the question
Is uniformly distributed within the major component.
When question reside in action the are Soluble.
And sometimes even solveable.
Able to be dissolved by water.
It’s the Age of Aquarius.
Think of questions and solutions.
Not fixes and answers.
Think of I can as a flow.
Think of spellfuck as the creator of beautiful mistakes.
The rocks in the stream that make all those beautiful swirly parts.

Can I do that?
I can.
Hope you will be with us on Nov 18.
Can I guarentee you will not want to miss it?
I can!