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Today my car key unlocked more than the car itself.

I’m always shlepping bags.
I usually put them in the back seat driver’s side, rather than the passenger side.
We’re talking about if I’m alone.
If I’m not alone, I’m never driving.
Nope. You drive. Thanks.
But if I’m driving I’m shlepping.
And the stuff is in the back.

So I arrive.
Grab the little stuff I keep front.
Get out.
Instinctively lock the doors.
Already thinking about what’s next.
Then I go to open the back door. 
That unsettling feeling of pulling on the handle and nothing. 
Oh whoops. Right.
Pay attention Beth.

So I click the unlock thing on my key.
It took me a long time to earn that remote access key
And I’m never not thrilled by it.
Almost more so than the car itself.
So I click it. 
To unlock.
Of course it doesn’t unlock because you have to click twice to unlock the back door.
I know that.
I even love that.
But I forget.
Almost every time.
So I click the second time.
And then hello. Open. Yay.
That happened this morning.

And it got me thinking.
It’s such a perfect metaphor.
I do so many things that seem done.
But have to be done again.
Writing. Calls. Emails.
Working through feelings.
They feel like they have been completed.
But they need to be done twice.
For whatever reason.
When it’s the beeper I don’t mind.
I know it’s that way for a reason.
Making sure no one suspect has access while I’m getting into the driver’s seat.
But for the rest of life
There seems to be no reason why things have to be done twice.

Seems to be.
That’s the key here.
The key is the key.
It’s not all on our timeline.
So many things in life happen but more slowly than I’d like.
God’s time not my time is how I understand that.
But if God bothers you
The universe is singing in its own rhythm.
Also maybe: this is perfect.
That’s sometimes what I tell myself when I get frustrated.
Doing things twice often let’s things develop.
Gives us time to refine. 
Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.
That’s the moment between.

And, to come full circle here…
At our new venue Rockwell you enter through the back door.
It’s a lovely entrance.
Entrancing in fact.
A long winding road to the sparkle.
And you don’t need a key.
You do need a ticket though.
We are finally on again and its this Sunday!
May all your doors open easily… 

xox Your Sunday Girl xox