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The other day I got so frustrated
With the tiny space between my desk and bed.
The chair gets stuck.
Yes, I could move the chair down to the other end of the very long desk.
Where there’s more space.
I’ve tried it.
I hate to be closed minded.
But I like the view here better.
And, I don’t know, it just feels right.

So I started thinking about making more space
By replacing the bed with a convertible couch.
I don’t sleep here much.
And it’s a small space.
But an amazing space.
In a perfect location.
And basically now an office with a bed in it.

But I’m not feeling spendy.
So I told myself it’s fine.
I’m probably just frustrated
With the big thing we’re all frustrated with.
And waiting for a deal to close.
Plus not eating sugar.
It’s obviously not the chair.
Get over it.

Two seconds later
Back in the chair and feeling stuck again
I started to think about elevating the bed to loft height.
That’ll fix it.
Started on that plan.

Then I looked at the floor.
And I realized that more than the space
It was the tangled cords
Keeping my chair
From rolling smoothly
Under and out from the desk.

So I got on my knees.
And prayed.
Got on my knees and
Untangled them.
Used all four of the outlets in the wall.
Use what you already have.
There they were.
Just waiting to help.
More outlets.
Moved various things a smidge.
It took maybe half an hour.
Including cleaning those hidden little areas.

Then I did a post about it.
Spelling cord chord.
Untangling the tangled chords.
But haha.

Cord. A long flexible string or rope.
Often made of thinner pieces woven together.
Three or more musical tones played together.
Really the same thing.
Played together.
Woven together.

A complex thing.
Different than complicated.
I’m thinking about the difference between a weave and a tangle.
Entwined. Both.
One harmonious.
The other discordant.
Or dischordant:)

I started wondering why I look for the most complicated solution first.
Maybe because I love the complex.
But complex, is different than complicated.
Woven is different than tangled.
Simple is different than simplistic.
These shades of meaning matter.
They are the thing that make narrow spaces
Comforting rather than limiting.
Boundaries can bring freedom.
We have to remember that
In a world that tries to box us in
And cage us.
Oh how I love that word.

Come be with us Sunday Feb 16.

Untangling is sure to happen!

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