Creative Consulting


In addition to workshops, I consult with creative people on an individual basis. I work primarily writers, comedians, personalities, musicians, lawyers, and speakers.

I've helped clients develop stand-up acts, TV show bibles, spoken word pieces, and memoirs. I've also helped clients produce stand up shows, launch successful blogs, re-write their one person shows, shape their auditions, navigate insta-celebrity and become better litigators and speakers.

I've also worked at legal firms, branding companies, management consulting firms and yoga teacher trainings on how story, comedy and improved speaking skills can rock their work and careers.

Every creativity consultant is different. I am partly a muse, an editor, a task master, a punch up writer, a spiritual guide, a therapist. I draw on all these different pieces of me and use whichever is the best combination for each client.

In addition, I bring the full depth of my own experience  as a writer, comedian, performer, actress, podcaster, host, producer to bear on my sessions with client. I also draw on my years of experience of working with writers, performers and other creatives in my workshops.

Here are some testimonials from past clients and students.

I seek to make the experience fun for my clients. I am all to familiar with the uncertainty and vulnerability of being in the creative process. So I support, inspire, cheerlead. I can give a good dose of tough love when needed.

There are various reasons people people reach out to me. Sometimes they are transitioning from one part of their career to another. They need help with deadlines. They have created an an echo chamber and need a sounding board.

I can help clients get started, finally finish, untangle, clarify, set goals, refine, and be funner.

I work with clients both in person and on phone or Zoom.



$750/ 5 hrs

$250 4 week zoom workshops
$350 with one hr private consult

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