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You But Funnier Facebook Livestream

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I live streamed You But Funnier to Zoom and we simulcast it to Facebook. For some reason I have been resisting that. Maybe because I couldn’t control it. I am a bit of a control… enthusiast.

And it was actually great to be able to reach so many more people there. Though it is easier to communicate with folks who are on zoom. But you know, everyone is different, and all our situations are evolving, so why not make it available both ways?

And the facebook stream is so easy to share! Here it is below.

The first frame is the wonderful Emily Nahmanson who is my Zoom guru. I don’t seem to be able to change that. If I can, and you know how, reach out and thank you in advance! Next time we will have the first frame be yours truly. Live and learn. It’s all an experiment at this point. Keep that in mind as you proceed with your work. Beginner’s mind is always a joy if you can get there. And we are being given a huge opportunity to get there.

The grid below the video is me during the hour.

I covered tips, tricks and techniques of being you. But funnier. Some of the easy little things. And some of the biggest and most profound parts of becoming your funniest self.

The next workshop, as of this writing, starts July 21, 2020. But if you are reading this after that, check on my consulting page and that will have an up to date calendar.

Stay creative, look for the laughs. xx Beth